David & Jaime Case

Where to begin?! I met with David and Jaime way back in February of this year and I have to say I have been excited for their wedding day to come since then! For two people who said they weren’t necessarily “picture people” they were extremely photogenic and definitely made me smile from behind my camera. They were so natural and, very apparently, filled with love and happiness!!

We started the morning off with Jaime capturing some of her details and beautiful jewelry and then spent some time with the groom and his guys! Did I mention that their groomsmen gifts were engraved swords?!?! Umm… SO COOL!!! I have to admit that I was a little bit jealous of them. Shortly after both Bride and Groom were dressed and ready to go, we took David a block away to Academy Park to wait for Jaime for their first look!

I have to say this spot was so beautiful! Who knew that in a crazy busy city there would be a small quiet park in the middle of it all? As the old fashioned car pulled up with David’s beautiful bride I could tell he just couldn’t stand to wait any longer!!  Their first look was magic! His face, her face, their smiles… LOVE!!

After family photos and bridal party portraits, it was time for these ceremony so we walked across the street to 100 State Street, The State Room! This place is BEAUTIFUL! An old bank turned into a stunning ceremony and reception venue, you really can’t go wrong. Jaime and David’s ceremony was so sweet! Right after we took them out in the middle of State Street and as they took a few moments to themselves they slow danced under the street lights! By far some of my most favorite photos of this day!!!! I seriously cannot stop GUSHING over them!

I’m sure you know what comes next… PARTY TIME! These two were definitely ready to party hard and dance the night away. David and his mother had by far, the BEST Mother and Son dance I have ever seen! They were flawless as they performed a choreographed dance in front of all of their loved ones. It was AMAZING! It was time for everyone to get on their feet and dance until they couldn’t feel their legs any more! Smiles, laughter, and some very talented dancers filled the dance floor and helped give David and Jaime a night they will never forget! Below are some of my favorite images from their special day. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Case!!

Makeup – Diana Kathleen
Venue – The State Room
Music – DJ Lee Waddell

Makeup – Diana Kathleen
Venue – The State Room
Music – DJ Lee Waddell

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