Megan and Louie – Engaged!

I remember way back when Louie and Megan started dating! We were on the same college volleyball team and he was all she could talk about! I cannot believe that just about three years later they are raising two dogs together and he finally popped the question.. is a super cute way I must say!

When I asked Megan where she wanted to have her engagement photos taken she answered with complete certainty. Where they got engaged of course! Now this spot was more than just the place they were engaged but they have spent a lot of time on this piece of gorgeous land so it was definitely fitting! Did I mention that is was the absolute perfect fall day out?! 

We traveled around this beautiful piece of property which was set up high on a hill overlooking the southern tier. I was like a two year old who was just given a chocolate chip cookie!!! I am so very excited to share these photographs of Megan and Louie and I hope that you both have the wedding of your dreams! Congratulations!!!

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