5 Reasons why Colorado is one of my favorite vacation spots

I dream about going to Colorado nearly every single day! There are so many reasons to love this place and I could probably write a book about it but for now here are my top 5 reasons Colorado is one of my favorite vacation spots!

1. Family
My Aunt and two cousins live near Denver, Colorado and I LOVE going to see them! We don’t get to see each other very much but it is always a blast when we get together. I remember a few years ago on the 4th of July there was a firework ban…. What is the 4th of July without fireworks right?! So, instead of calling it a night, we had a dance party in the middle of the kitchen and laughed so hard we could barely breath! That is probably one of my favorite memories with them!

2. Mountains
The first time I arrived in Colorado (that I was old enough to remember of course) was an experience in itself! I haven’t been in many airports but enough to know that I should just follow the crowd as they get off the plane because they seem to know where they are going because I surely did not! Haha! Once I finally found my way to the baggage claim to meet my Aunt and get my bag I was ready to breath in the fresh Colorado air! The airport seemed like it was surrounded my absolutely nothing but dessert looking farm land and I was a little nervous at first but as we continued to drive toward where my family lives the view that unfolded before my eyes took my breath away. I had never seem mountains like this before and they are a beauty!!!

3. Hiking
I really never knew how much I enjoyed hiking until I climbed up the Rocky Mountains! Now I definitely didn’t do any 14ers but the shorter hikes I did do were a ton of fun! It’s just you and nature (and the other hikers) but it’s so peaceful and freeing! Getting to the top to see the view is the best part!

I have gone to this amazing state quite a few times and besides the occasional rain storm in the afternoon every day is filled with sunshine! I am one of those people who craves sunshine especially living in Central New York during the winter, sunshine is very hard to come by so this is a HUGE plus! Why I haven’t moved here yet I don’t know!

5. The Atmosphere
Every day that I wake up in Colorado I feel the need to go for a walk or run (let’s be real, I don’t run). Everyone there is active wither they are walking their dogs, biking, running, hiking, doing yoga, etc, you name it, they do it! It is so inspiring to be around so many people who love being outside and keeping fit!

If these reasons haven’t inspired you to travel to Colorado I don’t know what will!! While you are there be sure to check out Pike’s Peak, Red Rocks and definetly CLIMB SOME MOUNTAINS!!! You will not regret it!

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