Cooking Class – Owego, NY

Okay so I have a huge confession to make… I am a terrible cook! I mean I burn toast on a regular basis, it’s BAD! But from time to time I can make a mean breakfast with box pancake mix and scrambled eggs but that’s about the extent of my cooking capabilities! No judging!!

I made a mess but that was half of the fun!!

I made a mess but that was half of the fun!!

Now that my confession is over I have decided to do something about my atrocious cooking skills.. I am taking some cooking classes at The Kitchen Store! I have wanted to try this for a long time and I honestly don’t have a single excuse for not doing it sooner so with that being said I am super excited!!! Watch out Iron Chief, I’m coming for you!

My first class was last night and we made delicious dessert crepes! Yes guys, I did have dessert for dinner again and it was DELICIOUS! There were three different kinds of fillings/toppings, orange, banana and apple. 
y Oh My, this girl will be making crepes on a weekly basis. Holy YUM!

Sue, the owner of The Kitchen Store, is AMAZING! She guides you through each step of the process and is very encouraging! She is super organized and never stopped smiling the entire time we were there. I was the first one there and told her how my cooking skills were and I am so grateful that she is up for the challenge of teaching me!!  If you need to learn how to cook, Sue is your girl! The best part was eating our yummy creation of course! I highly recommend going to see Sue at The Kitchen Store in Owego, NY! Even if you are an Iron Chief or a two time winner of Chopped, go check it out!

(Pardon the iPhone pictures, I was intently focused on the crepe making process!)

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