Marvelous Finds – Essential Oils

I am one of those people who is not a fan of taking medicine. It doesn’t matter if it’s liquid or in a pill form, it’s not one of my favorite things and I do everything I can to avoid it.. even if it means having a headache all day until find a half hour to lie down! A few years ago my mom really got into Young Living Essentials Oils. I have to admit I was a huge skeptic when she first started using them. I would mention anything from having a headache, or sneezing from allergies, or even if I was stressed out and she would always say “I have an oil for that!” One day I decided to give to throw my hands in the air and try out some Essential Oils and I have to say, I’m not sure I could live without them now! My mom wasn’t joking when she said she had an oil for everything, and I mean everything!  

When the Winter season comes around it become very gloomy in Central New York. There isn’t a lot of sunshine and we somehow always seem to get lots and lots of snow, not to mention the freezing temperatures. I recently started diffusing Young Living’s Joy Essential Oil and let me tell you, it is amazing! The scent is refreshing and mood lifting and full of goodness! I could go on for days about all of the products they have and the millions of benefits each oil has. It’s pretty amazing!!

A few of my favorite products are:
The Home Diffuser – I use this on a daily basis and is great for some white noise when I’m trying to fall asleep!
Joy Essential Oil – As I mentioned above, excellent for Winter blues!
Stress Away Essential Oil – I am so grateful for Stress Away oil. I never realized this but as a business owner there is a lot of unknown and stress that comes with the title although every bit of stress is so worth it!! I love my job!!
Lavender Essential Oil – I mean it’s Lavender, need I say more?!
Peppermint Essential Oil – The best natural headache reliever and is also amazing for nausea!

I highly recommend these products! There are countless benefits from every product they offer and help in so many ways, well worth it!! Check them out here Young Living

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