A Music Filled Weekend

Tis the season for The Voice! A long time ago I was a fan of American Idol and after watching it religiously it began to lose it’s umph… along with the judges that made the show fun to watch. So I eventually stopped watching it and a few years later this awesome show called The Voice aired! My whole family gets into watching it which is really fun and we always try to guess who is going to make it to the next round, not always agreeing with each other! A few weeks ago the blind auditions began to make their way to Monday and Tuesday nights. I sat on my couch wrapped in a blanket (or occasionally baking cookies in the kitchen) and watched each artist come on stage and sing their heart out! Talk about goosebumps! At one point I was really into a song that two women were singing and was nodding my head along when my little brother said “You’re really into this song Nick!” why yes Austin I am, because it is SO good! I’v tried to watch The Voice every week since the season began and to watch each artist and their coaches put their emotion into each word that they sing and dance to the music of their own voice is beyond inspiring! 

On Saturday, March 31st my sister took me to see John Mayer in concert at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY! Whoooweee! When this man steps onto the stage with no one but himself and a guitar, the whole world stops and you get all the feels! Not only is his voice soulful and sincere but the talent he processes while he has a guitar in his hands is unreal! As I watched his performance I knew that he felt every words he sang, every note he strummed, and each movement he made while being so in tune and connected with his music. 

On Sunday, April 2nd I took my Grandma to see the outstanding Celtic Women at The Forum in Binghamton, NY! Since having gone to Ireland and learning a little bit about my roots, anything Irish I see I feel like I have a connection to! I bought these tickets way back in November and gave them to my Grandma as her Christmas present along with their new album The Voices of Angels. If my foot wasn’t tapping along to their upbeat instrumental drums and bagpipes, I had goosebumps from head to toe as they sang some of Ireland’s songs from decades ago. Talk about being moved! There were a few moments when I held back tears as they sang soulful songs that touched you in every way imaginable. Scenes of Ireland played behind them as the women and their incredible musicians sang and danced and it felt as if you were walking along the Cliffs of Moher looking out into the peaceful view of the water or biking through the Aran Islands on a beautiful day and stopping at a pub on the way back to the hotel! Just talking about it gives me goosebumps all over again! 

As this weekend came to a close and Monday quickly arrived I realized that each person on this Earth has a talent, sometimes we have more than one! That talent should be shared with the world to be heard, seen, touched, smelled, tasted, and enjoyed! So many people have some type of talent that they chose not to share or believe that they don’t have what it takes to be good enough but you will never know until you try! I had loved photography from a very young age but never thought that I could make it my career until I watched someone whom I went to school with become so successful in her photography business. So I decided to do it and here I am photographing weddings and portraits that make my heart happy and documenting life’s most important moments for the world to see. We all have talents and things we enjoy doing so why not share them not only with the people around you but share them with the world! Believe in what it is that you do, chase your dreams, and enjoy each step of the way!

Remember, the Earth without Art is just Eh!

Lots of Love,



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