New York Goats at Gilbertsville Farmhouse

A few weeks ago I got to spend a few hours with these cute little goats while they ran around the farmhouse chasing each other, chewing on anything they could find, and posing for the camera! Sharon, the owner of Gilbertsville Farmhouse, has started Central New York’s first Goat Yoga classes! Not only is it yoga… but yoga with these cute kids running around and posing with you. These classes are held at a serene location at the Gilbersville Farmhouse which also is a breathtaking event venue and also offers glamping, and you have got to see these places… A-MAZ-ING! 

We began rallying these kids around to take some portraits of each goat and slowly added some accessories and outfits. I cannot get enough of the pearls and bowties!! Who knew a baby goat could make jewelry look so good?! For a while, these goats wanted nothing to do with the camera but loved my shoe laces! Sharon and her assistant/goat whisperer Katie tried calming the goats with some animal crackers and cuddles but they had way to much energy to stand still. These poor babies were exhausted by the time I left and you could tell it was nap time. I think Sharon, Katie and I were ready to join them! 

Want to meet these cuties?! NY Goat Yoga hosts classes on a weekly basis so go visit them here and sign up so you can meet Bonnie, Clyde, Khloe, and Jenny and learn more about what Goat Yoga is all about!

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