Senior Portraits – Kristen McKee

Photographing this senior session was another reminder of just how small this world really is! A LONG time ago (we’re talking when I was in 1st grade!) I was taught by a woman who would soon become one of my favorite teachers in grade school. She always smiled and was more than welcoming to every student in her classroom and she celebrated every single holiday that was on the calendar. She decorated her room for every occasion and threw the best “end of the year” party I have ever been to as a student!! Little did I know that many many years later I would be blessed with the pleasure of photographing her daughter’s senior portraits!

Think about that for a minute…. a teacher that I had SEVENTEEN years ago has a baby girl and ends up being best friends with your cousin, who’s senior portraits I took a few weeks before, contacts you to photograph her daughter’s senior portraits.. uh that’s pretty amazing!!

Kristen is graduating from Owego Free Academy this school year and is all about everything swim! We began her portraits at a beautiful park in Owego, NY that lie next to the river walk by the Susquehanna River. I live about 20 minutes from this place yet have never explored it and I am so glad we did! There were a few times I thought Kristen was a professional model because she such a natural and I think it’s safe to say the camera loved her! I am so excited to share some of my favorite photographs from her senior session!!

Leave a little love and good vibes for Kristen in the comments below!

  1. Jessie Scott says:

    Beautiful pictures Kristin! This will be hard to pick a favorite, you seriously take great pictures! So glad my girls swam with you all these years and ran track with you. Wishing you a great senior year!

  2. Linda Pomeroy says:

    I stumbled across these beautiful pictures this morning, and such a familiar face is smiling back at me! You look happy and it appears that you have found your passion. I think of you often. May your future find peace and happiness!

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