A Piece of Advice for Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding can be a daunting task and it can often become very overwhelming right up until the day of your wedding. I asked some of my past brides if they had any advice to share to make the process any easier and Mia, who married her soulmate in August, had a beautiful suggestion.

Mia’s wedding was unique in the most beautiful way. Every detail was created by herself and her bridesmaids and displayed in a gorgeous manner throughout her entire day. As you can imagine, this amount of detail and do-it-yourself projects takes an ample amount of time and can sometimes consume your life up until the moment you say I do. Not only was Mia planning a wedding, but she also was working, raising her sweet boy Luca, and being a wonderful fiancé to Dan while he also helped, worked, went to school and raised Luca! Talk about overload!

On the night of her rehearsal dinner, Mia’s Aunt sat her down and gave her the best piece of advice that was passed down from a on old friend on her wedding day. This is Mia’s advice:

“The absolute best piece of advice I received was from my Aunt the night of my rehearsal dinner. She made sure not to chime in until all the important stuff on the to do list was checked off- but towards the end of the night she sat me down… She explained how she had her wedding similar to how I was doing and that an old friend of hers made her follow through with this advice and it was the best thing she ever did… the day before the wedding, set a time- for me it was 11AM. Work as much as your heart disieres but once 11AM hits, no matter what, stop what you’re doing, sit down and breathe. It is now time savor the moment and enjoy the rest of the day- your wedding day! It doesn’t matter what still needs to be done, no one will notice. The only thing that matters is the groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle and the friends and family surrounding you with love. This was by far the best advice that I actually followed!!! Sure, some little details didn’t get done -but no one noticed 🙂 And after all of my hard work, to sit back and take in all of the emotions of my wedding day was incredible. It gave me peace, and a life long memory.”

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