A 3 hour round trip just for cookies!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would take a spontaneous hour and a half drive on a Saturday just to go get it? I’m not going to lie people… I did this to go get macrons…

This is a judgment free zone here okay, just want to make that clear! I was craving macrons one Saturday so I called up my best friend/assistant Nicole (who you will be seeing a lot more of this year!) to see if she was down for a drive to Scranton, PA to visit Lola French Macarons! I have been following this bakery for a long time and never had the chance to drive down and try some of Kallista’s delicious sounding macrons. Pictures are posted daily with the flavors of the week and every time I see one of these posts my mouth just waters!  So I decided before wedding season really got crazy I better go taste some of these cookies!

You all know how much cookies mean to me. After all, they are one of my main food groups! Let me tell you, Lola French Macarons just shot to one of the top spots on my favorite cookie list! Not only are they really pretty to look at but the variety of different flavors is incredible! Plus they change from week to week and there is always something new to try, which means I have to go back!

Nicole and I bought one of each flavor with good intentions to bring some back to my boyfriend and her fiancé. We ended up splitting every single one and left none for the boys… sorry guys! If you haven’t been to Lola French Macarons in Scranton, PA you MUST go! Keep an eye on their Instagram for flavors and be sure to go early because they sell out quick!

Be sure not to confuse these macarons with macaroons…

Macaron: This sandwich type of cookie is more of  a meringue cookie and is light and airy with a slight crunch on the outside.
Macaroon: This is a hearty lump of sweetness made of shredded coconut and condensed milk.

Both are mouthwatering in very different ways!

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