Vendor Love – Gabriella’s Cakes – Maine, NY

You all know about my serious sweet tooth that is active pretty much 24/7 right? So you could assume that it was pretty hyperactive when I spent the afternoon with Gabby in her bakery! Recently I discovered Gabriella’s Cakes and as soon as I did I followed her on social media very closely and goodness does this girl have some talent! No only does she make cakes but she create and bakes all of the desserts for Frank’s Italian Restaurant in Maine, NY! A little side note, Franks is an Italian restaurant with a beautiful back deck, it’s a little slice of heaven! You have to try some of their signature drinks as well because they are off the charts! Anyway, back to the sweets!! I contacted Gabby a few weeks ago to make some macarons for my best friend’s bridal shower and I asked if I could come take some photos while she did it! My sweet cravings were completely satisfied after this visit and I ended up learning so much about her process.

This girl is not only extremely kind and welcoming you can tell she pours her heart into what she does and has some big dreams and goals ahead of her! Everyone RAVED about the macarons during the bridal shower. How could they not? Limoncello along with chocolate peanut butter!! Uh…  YUM!!!! A few months ago my boyfriend, Jake, had an Oreo cake made and it was just incredible! Cookies and cream cake filled with cookie dough and cookies and cream mousse topped with Oreo buttercream and cookie dough chunks….. pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin! It was to die for!! Trust me when I tell you that you are going to want to contact Gabby for your next celebration to have her create a sweet treat to top off the party!

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