A Little 4th of July fun!

You know those spontaneous adventures in life that just make your life complete?! Well, on the Fourth of July this year that’s exactly what happened! It was my mom’s 50th birthday and after lunch we all came back to her house to enjoy the crazy hot day. My parents house had been under construction for quite a few weeks while they got a new back deck complete with a roof and stone siding. Now that the construction was complete it was the perfect time to sit out and enjoy the Summer!

I called up my friend/sidekick Nicole to see if she, along with her two perfect babies, wanted to come and enjoy the Summer sun with us. A little side note, my mom LOVES those humans… not nearly as much as I do but I’m sure she would argue that fact! Shortly Nicole, Maddox and Emma arrived and we had an impromptu slip-n-slide and sprinkler filled afternoon before the rain and thunderstorm kick out out of the heat and into the chilled central air house! Of course I didn’t experience this afternoon without my camera and I am so glad I didn’t!!

How wonderful was your Fourth of July?!

P.S. these kids are insanely cute and I’m pretty sure they are both going to be model some day!

I mean…. LOOK AT HER FACE!!! So perfect!

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