On The Road Again

As a photographer, I have to travel a lot. As a photographer, I GET to travel a lot. Whether near or far, many times I find myself on the road; to an engagement shoot by the lake or in the mountains of New York, or to an out-of-state wedding. Over the years, I’ve created a mental list of must-have’s for road trips and I got to thinking, maybe this will help people out there when you’re planning your own little get-away!

So here’s my list of essentials for that longer-than-normal drive:

1) Snacks & Water: Think pretzels, M&M’s, peanuts and raisins. It’s hungry work driving all that way and in the unlikely event of a breakdown, you’ll have something to munch on while you wait for a tow.

2) Good Tunes to Jam Out to: Some of my favorites are Sugar by Maroon 5, Love Shack by the B 52’s, Meant to Be by BeBe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line, the entire Sam Smith and Dave Matthews Band albums and pretty much anything I can find on Spotify!

3) A Pillow: Disclaimer; this is generally for any passengers, NOT the driver!

4) Phone/GPS Charger: Technology is great…until the battery dies. Make sure you’ve got a way to stay connected, if you want to.

5) Camera: Whether you’re a professional photographer like me, or just want some snaps of unfamiliar places and faces, be sure to have some kind of camera to document your ride, you never know what you might see and you’ll want to reminisce about those road trip memories!

6) Matches and a Long Burning Candle: Another safety precaution; if for any reason you find yourself stuck somewhere in the dark, having some light is important!

7) First Aid Kit: This one is self-explanatory; hopefully you’ll have NO use for it!

8) Sunglasses: Sun glare on the road is the worst! Be prepared to block out those harmful UV Rays with some shades and arrive at your destination looking like a movie star, too!

9) Flashlight: If you have to travel at night, a flashlight is a necessity. Searching through the trunk or back seat without one, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

10) A Travel Buddy: I do a lot of my traveling alone and it’s always nice to have some company to make the driving go by a little faster. It’s a plus when they want to drive as well so you can catch some ZZZ’s!

Whether you’re on the road for two hours, or ten, make the best of it, by anticipating any needs you might have. Pack smart and have fun!

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