Mr. & Mrs. Allen – Syracuse Wedding

An intimate ceremony with private “I Do’s” in their perfect backyard is how these two beautiful people began their marriage. Surrounded by the closest people to them, along with their pup Ike, Brianna and Greg spent the afternoon together getting everything ready for their ceremony in their home. When I arrived they were in their backyard admiring what they transformed it into, their perfect wedding.

These two were a riot! Brianna tried her best not to sprint down the isle, which she effortlessly accomplished. Their vows were personal and made each other laugh as well as all of their witnesses, even me! Ike laid next to his parents as they married each other and was the most perfect little pup!

For telling me that they aren’t “picture people” Brianna and Greg totally killed their portraits because they were 100% themselves and it definitely shows! Congratulations you two!!

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  1. Mary Allen says:

    These are fantastic!

  2. Aunt Beth says:

    Perfectly captured an amazing couple! Your happiness radiated in each picture. ❤️❤️❤️

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