I have a huge confession…

So… I have a huge confession to make. It may come as a huge shock to some people and it may upset people but just hear me out! We all have those things that we try not to tell anyone because they may look at us funny or they may start to think we aren’t human. For example, you tell someone you don’t like Nutella you might not be friends anymore or if someone says they aren’t a huge fan of chocolate, there will always be that distance between you. Well, my big confession is… I wasn’t a huge fan of dogs. Yes, those four legged furry animals who great you at the door with outpouring excitement, lick your face with love, and are usually very loyal even when others aren’t.

For the longest time, after we put my dog, Molly, down when I was just a little girl, dogs frightened me. I would always make sure there was a distance between myself and whatever K9 was near me. I’d hear stories of people getting bit by these animals, chasing someone as they ran by their house, and let’s just talk about the barking for a second. When you are a young child and a small animal is insistently barking at you how can you not be afraid?!

Let’s fast-forward a few years… my fear of dogs subsided but other issues about them came to surface. I found them kind of gross… yes I said it, I found dogs a bit grotesque. The drool that hangs from their mouths as they watch you eat dinner didn’t resonate well with me. The fact that they lick themselves clean and then come over to give you kisses and lick your feet, legs, hands, arms, and face makes me want to puke a little. And don’t get me started about picking up their poop… I know, I know I went there but let’s be real… EWW!

But then one day (well maybe over the course of a few) a four-legged furry animal took up some space in this heart of mine. He walked into my life unexpectedly. Of course he barked a bit when we first met and yes I have picked up his poop and cleaned up his pee when he decided the garbage can was the perfect spot to go. We’ve been on long walks, cuddled on the floor until we both fell asleep and bonded over ear scratches and headshakes. I’ll even give him a special treat every now and then and always take a trip down the animal isle in the grocery store to see if I find a little something for this cute pup! His name is Sammy and my boyfriend, Jake, rescued him back in February! Sammy definitely has his moments but overall he is a one of a kind dog! I can’t forget to mention the gremlin noises he makes when you give his ears a good scratch, you have to hear it to believe it!

So guys, to follow up with my confession from earlier I have another one… I am now a dog person! Yep I said it, it’s out in the world and I can never take it back and honestly I kind of like it this new part of me. So in honor of my new buddy Sammy I ask you to spam me with your dog photos, favorite K9 treats, funny stories about your pup and your most favorite thing to do with pooch!



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