Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding day can go by in the blink of an eye. The key to managing the day so that it doesn’t get away from you is to create a timeline, and work closely with your vendors so that everything runs smoothly for you, your wedding party and guests. This will also allow you and your partner to focus on the important moments throughout your special day. Here’s some guidance to help you create your timeline:

1) Select the time of your ceremony – Once you have confirmed a venue, work with the event coordinator there to confirm the start time and the length of your ceremony. If there is a pastor, priest or Justice of the Peace performing the ceremony, be sure that he or she is in on this discussion too!

2) Determine if you will doing a “first look” – As a couple, you should decide if you’d like to see each other, and complete your portraits before the ceremony. For pros and cons of “first look” photos, please refer to my previous blog:

3) Talk with your Photographer about photos you want – It’s best if you and your photographer come up with a list of photos you would like included (i.e. specific people and groupings) as well as where you’d like the photos to take place. In some instances, you may need to compromise location, in order to have time to include your family, wedding party and special guests.

4) Determine how long you have your reception space and DJ – Knowing ahead of time how long you can party, is crucial. Some venues and vendors have very strict time limits and/or may charge extra if you extend your reception. Knowing your options ahead of time will alleviate any misunderstandings that day.

5) Check your “getting ready” time with the professionals – You don’t want to be late for your ceremony, and if you want photos taken while you and your wedding party are getting ready, it’s best to check with your hair and make-up professionals to get an estimate of how long this process will take.

This all seems like a lot of organizing to do in advance, but having a plan going into your big day, will minimize the possibility of any problems, leaving you free to enjoy and celebrate!

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