Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s wedding dress shopping time! Pop that bubbly!! Here are 5 tips on what to do before you shop for your wedding dress:

1. Educate yourself on the different terms, dress shapes, and accessories offered.

When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, the first thing you’ll need to do is familiarize yourself with the terminology associated with these beautiful works of art. Bodices, bustling and boning….oh my!!!! There are great resources online that can help you differentiate between the different silhouettes, necklines, sleeve options, backs, trains and embellishments. And that’s just the dress!! Check out these great site for some help:

Gown terms
Dress terms you need to know
Wedding gown glossary

You’ll also want to choose what kind of accessories you’ll have to have for your big day! There are many options including veils, tiaras, and head/hair pieces. You can also add belts and jewelry to that list to complete your wedding day look!!


2. Do a little research and get an idea of what you think you may want

Once you familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll be able to narrow down your personal preferences. Pinterest is key!!!! Saving what styles you like to a board can keep you on track!

Another great option is “The Knot” app. You can swipe through different dresses for days and after several dozen swipes you’ll be sure to have narrowed down which dresses take your breath away!! Check out my wedding day blogs and you’ll be sure to see one of your favorite styles on a NWP bride!!!

Just remember to keep an open mind when you do go to the bridal boutique, you never know what style works best for you until you try it on!!


3. Consider altering your mother’s or another family member’s dress if you are looking for something that is extra sentimental

Fashion always has a way of circling back around. What was popular for your mother, aunt, sister or grandmother may feel outdated, but chances are the vintage looks will come back into style, and with a little or a lot of alteration, you can create something that’s unique to you, but keeps it’s sentimental value!!! Just remember alterations can get pricey so set a realistic budget if you plan to take this route! Also, shop around! If you’re willing to travel a little bit you might find a unique place that does alterations for a better price than what is in your immediate area! For an added adventure, you can look for a bakery in the town or city you are visiting and try a cookie or two!!! At least, that’s what I would do!!


4. Pick a date and some honest friends and family to go with you (remember though, too many opinions may be a bit stressful. After all you are the one wearing it so make sure you are comfortable in whichever you choose)

Whether it be your entire bridal party or an intimate appointment with that one person you know won’t judge you, make sure you have someone with you that will be totally honest. You may absolutely adore certain styles on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right style for you. That is where those trusted few come in. They will tell you if it’s right up your alley, or if you are straight out of your mind! Too many opinions might confuse you, so take the good with the bad and keep in mind that you ​will ​know when it is ​the dress.​


5. Keep your mind open when looking at dresses. Not all dresses work with every body type. Try on everything even if you are set on not wanting a certain type of dress, try it on anyway because you may change your mind.

Here’s a brief but perfect example of this:
One of my brides had her mind set that she was an A-line ​only k​ ind of gal. She knew she wanted sleeves of some sort and also a button down back. Absolutely NO mermaid, NO strapless and NO corset back. When she got to bridal shop she picked out all of the A-lines and tried 5 or 6 dresses on. They looked beautiful, because after all, they’re wedding dresses, but none of them were quite right. Then the shop owner asked this bride if she could “put her in a dress”. She kept in mind that she should try every dress on, even if it was everything that shedidn’t ​want. She came out in a strapless, mermaid and corset back dress and it was the one she wore on her wedding day!!!


The take away:

●  Listen to the bridal shop crew, they do this for a living… for a reason

●  Have fun!!! You are picking out your once in a lifetime dress!! Make it exciting, not a

chore or a thing to check off of a list!

●  Include everyone you want, and cherish each moment with them. It all goes by so fast

and you’ll want to relive those special moments after the planning and wedding day is done.

Happy wedding dress shopping!!


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