Danielle & Johnathan – Engagement – Albany, NY

You know those places when you arrive your mouth drops a little because of its beauty? That’s exactly what happened when I arrived at a horse barn to meet Danielle and Johnathan for their engagement portraits. Being greeted my a horse surrounded by a white fence was nothing short of a warm welcome!

With their pups anxiously waiting for their big debut Danielle, Johnathan and I roamed this stunning barn creating photographs of this special time in their lives. When it was time for their four legged babies to steal the show they were beyond excited! After their initial energy had subsided we created the most perfect photographs of their family!

I have to take a moment and praise the sun for it’s rays of golden light throughout this entire afternoon. With the rain being a bit difficult to work around this time of year the day couldn’t have been more perfect! With a quick wardrobe change in the middle we finished off the afternoon slow dancing as the sun set. Let me clarify… I wasn’t slow dancing although I did do a little happy dance while gazing at the beautiful love between Danielle and Johnathan!

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