“How Can I Help?”

I’ve been lucky to have loads of support from family and friends since starting my photography business several years ago. It makes a world of difference when you know that those closest to you are behind your career goals and life passions. And still to this day, I have people from near and far ask; “How are things going? What can I do to help you?”

It’s such a kind gesture, but as I started thinking more in depth about it, I realized, they might not just be making conversation; maybe they really want to help! Which is what led me to the following list:

5 Ways to Support Your Business Owner-Friend

1) Hire Us – Do you have a need yourself for the services offered by your friend? Start by hiring him/her to do whatever it is he or she specializes in; photograph your wedding, make your parents anniversary cake, fix that leaky pipe under your kitchen sink!

2) Write A Review – Many small businesses have a large social media presence. If you are satisfied, or more than satisfied with the work we provided, take a few minutes to write a review on Google or Facebook.

3) Refer Us – Do you know someone looking for a particular service? Is your cousin getting married, do you know someone who could use a new headshot for their business? One of the best things you can do for us is to tell other people how great you think we are and that you would highly recommend us to them.

4) Hand out Business Cards – My friends carry my business cards as well as their own. If they hear about someone that may be getting married, or graduating from high school, they give them one of my cards and simply tell them if they need a photographer, they can give me a call for more information.

5) Moral Support – Owning a small business is no joke; it can be an emotional roller coaster, one week wondering how you’ll pay the bills, and the next, having so much business you’re not sure how you’ll get it all done in time. When you’re business owner-friend looks like he or she is about to crack, bring them a coffee, or take them out for a glass of wine, and remind them how far they have come and how much they love what they do. They’ll be feeling like a million bucks in no time!

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