Winter Weddings

Many of us, at least here in the north east, have a tendency to envision the perfect wedding as an event that happens in the sunny, warm days of summer, or as the flowers are blossoming in the spring, or the leaves turning their golden hues of fall. All of those traditional times to get married have their own beauty and grandeur; however, recent trends have shown an upswing in the winter wedding.

Imagine snow falling lightly, faux fur around the shoulders of your beaded gown, evergreens and holly berries trim your reception tables. It’s a recipe for a true Winter Wonderland Wedding. If this sounds like what you’re looking for there are some things to consider that you may not have to worry about at other times of the year.

Securing an indoor venue – While a tent or open-air building might suffice for the other 3 seasons; temperatures can easily be at sub-zero in the winter. Be sure when planning your wedding that this is one of the first things you confirm whether it’s a church, hotel, or reception hall. These can book up early and you want to be sure you and your guests will be comfortable and warm. I’ve listed some of my favorites in the Binghamton & Albany areas:

Franklin Plaza, Troy, NY

Saratoga National Golf Club, Saratoga Springs, NY

Gilbertsville Farmhouse, Cooperstown, NY

Binghamton Club, Binghamton, NY

Farmers Museum, Cooperstown, NY


Consider your gown choice – It’s still ok to wear the sleeveless or off the shoulder dress you fell in love with, but consider that you will likely spend at least some brief moments outside. Likewise, if you would like any outdoor photographs, it’s best to have some type of shawl that complements your dress and that will wrap around your shoulders.

Have a plan in case of inclement weather – If your special day ends up more of a Nor’easter than a light flurry, you’ll want to pay special attention to the safety and comfort of your wedding party, family and guests. I think the best thing to do is to designate a willing party (your brother, a groomsmen, or trusted wedding guest) to manage any unforeseen weather concerns. Are there handicap, or close entrances that guests can use to drop off those that may have trouble walking in the snow; better yet, valet parking. Will the venue be sure to shovel, snow blow and salt/sand the parking lots, driveways and walkways? Are there umbrellas available in the event of heavy snow or icy rain?

It’s all about anticipation; your winter wedding can be perfect with a little extra pre-planning, and that moody winter lighting makes for beautiful wedding pictures too!

Winter Wedding Albany

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