A Picture from the Past

It’s officially 2019 and in honor of a new year I’m giving you a challenge to go along with a new blog series that launches today! I challenge you to print your photographs. Plain and simple! All the photos you take on your phone or camera or whatever piece of technology that allows you to create a photograph, print it. Put it in an album and write something on the back to help you remember what was happening, where you were and don’t forget to include the date! So along with this challenge I am thrilled to announce the beginning of…. drum roll please…. A Picture from the Past!

Pictures of the Past is a series that will take you though my life by photographs that I have found in boxes and frames around my parents house. As a child going through photographs with my grandmothers was one of my favorite things to do. As a photographer, the memories of sitting around the table telling stories while looking through pictures of the past becomes more and more invaluable because it’s my job. The ability to create photographs and hand over prints to each of my clients is priceless to me because I know the memories that can make with their future children and grandchildren as well as their own parents and grandparents.

I’ll be sharing a photograph from my past with a short story behind each one to allow you to take a peak inside each picture. I may be setting myself up to be laughed at but trust me, I’ll be laughing right along side you. So many things have happened in this short life of mine and I hope some of it will resonate to you. Most importantly, I hope that this series of pictures from my past will make you recognize the importance of not only taking but printing your photographs as well. Flipping through piles of photo paper with family and friends sharing stories of good times, bad chapters in life, laughter, sadness, wardrobe choices and hair styles are priceless.

Every Monday I’ll be coming at you with a new photograph and story to share and trust me when I say I have some pretty good ones lined up! Here’s to new traditions, printing your photographs and setting yourself up to create some amazing memories in your future!

Lots of love,



  1. Jenn says:

    💛 this! Bookmarking the series to read what the story is behind your first picture.

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