A Picture from the Past Vol. 1

It was July 21st, 1990 when two of the most important people in my life got married. My mom in her elegant white dress with a scalloped lace neckline and pointed shoulders with long elegant sleeves. My dad was looking dapper in a dark grey suit with black lapels and a classic bowtie. They married not far from where my mom grew up and their reception was held at the Elks Lodge complete with a life-size statue of an Elk in front of the building, which of course my mom’s siblings tried to ride at one point during the reception.

Some of their wedding pictures hang in a hand carved frame, my mom’s father made, in its rightful place in their hallway. A few years ago my mom was in her basement pondering what to do with her wedding dress. She had no use for it and it took up space in their laundry room. Donating it and throwing it away were words that came out of her mouth as I ran down the stairs. “You can’t throw it away Mom!” I said, “I’ll wear it!”. So back in it’s place it went to be kept for my big day in the future.

What I would have given to be a fly on the wall during their wedding as they exchanged vows. The same vows that were placed in a frame and now hang next to their bed. The bridesmaids dresses pretty in pink with ruffled sleeves that flowed perfectly as they walked and my oldest cousin Jon sat in the pew sobbing as his Uncle Bill held his soon to be wife’s hands while they said “I do”. I can see their day perfectly through these pictures along with the stories my parents have shared with my siblings and I. Twenty eight years, one house, three kids, job changes, home renovations, vacations, adventures, and everything in between and these two are still going strong!

This is a picture from the past!

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