The Perfect Item for your Wedding Registry!

Weddings cost a lot of money, trust me, I know. From the catering to the venue, photographer to DJ, DIY projects to table linens, and more. Weddings cost an average of $35,000 in Upstate New York which is a lot of cash. Besides it being one of the best days ever, getting to marry the love of your life, and spending it with all of your favorite people, there are some stresses that can accompany all of the goodness. When all is said and done how will you be able to remember this day, all the hard work you put into making your dream wedding come to fruition, and all of the people who were there? Photographs of course! Printed photographs laid out in a stunning album that tells the story of your big day.

With those photographs comes an additional cost… or does it? Yes, you have to invest in a photographer who you love, trust, and are excited to spend your day with but does that mean you have to spend additional money on prints too or what if your wedding guests could help?

I’m so excited to announce that NWP is now offering Heirloom eGift Cards to put on your registry allowing your family and friends to help you invest in the heirlooms from your big day! Albums and framed prints are the perfect way to remember your wedding but if I’m being honest, they can get expensive. You have to think of it as an investment rather than another “thing” you have to pay for. Picture this… 50 years from now when you have grandkids sitting on your lap going through your handcrafted, linen covered wedding album. Their tiny hands running their hand over the thick pages as you tell them stories and share your favorite memories from the day you married your best friend. That’s priceless.

By adding heirloom gift cards to your registry your guests can contribute to giving you a gift that will last forever and that you will always cherish. I know, I know, that light pink Kitchen Aid mixer would be really nice and that Instant Pot would really come in handy with your busy schedule but those items don’t hold a lot of meaning in your heart. They’re just another appliance you’ll have to find a spot for. With a wedding album, you’re receiving an heirloom that will last for many generations to come and will hold the memories of one of your favorite days of all time!

Have questions? Feel free to contact Nicole at!

*These eGift Cards will only work with couples who have booked their wedding with Nicole Weeks Photography. Click here for more information or to purchase an eGift Card.


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