A Picture from the Past – Vol. 3

Bethany Beach, Delaware! This was one of my favorite places as a kid. My uncle owned a condo, you can see it behind us, and the view was nothing but the beach! It seemed we were there quite often, maybe once a year or so while we younger. One summer we caught a ton of these little crawfish things my brother, sister and I built them a sand castle to live in. I remember waiting for each wave to reach the beach and we would run out to look for all the little bubble in the sand so we could find more and add them to our safe house. We thought we were making their lives amazing but they may have hated us.

We also learned how to boogie board! Well… we attempted to learn. At times I think more sand ended up in my bathing suit bottoms than on the entire beach. My uncle would do his best to help us ride the waves but more often than not we’d end up with a face full of salt water and the board tugging at our arms being sucked back out to sea. I think my sister and I were trying to look toothless like our little brother which is why we stuck out tongues out or maybe we just thought we were cool, not quite sure what’s happening there. We haven’t been back to this special place in years but the memories of our adventures here are vivid in my mind.

Did you have a favorite place you always visited at a kid or still do as an adult? Share them with me in the comments, I’d love to hear about new places!

This is a picture from the past!

  1. Ali says:

    Bethany Beach is also my favorite place to visit/ vacation!

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