A Picture from the Past – Vol. 4

Way back in the year 2000 I kneeled on the high mahogany chairs over the white tiled counter in my grandmother’s kitchen. A spoon in each hand with a big bowl of chocolate cake mix next to me. One could say more cake mix ended up in my belly than in the cupcake papers (notice the tiny bit of chocolate located near the corner of my bottom lip) but it was going to end up there eventually right? Although this image isn’t of great quality, it’s evidence that from a young age, 5 years old to be exact, that I loved to bake.

My grandma would always let my sister and I lick the spoons which may have been one of my favorite parts! I can’t remember what these cupcakes were for exactly but I do know, from the red printed date, that it was my birthday month and I would soon be 6 years old. Maybe it was an early birthday celebration, I’m not quite sure but whatever I was making them for I was very focused. She always used the double spoon technique for filling batter into cupcake pans. I vividly remember her doing the same thing for her famous silver dollar chocolate chip pancakes that she made us whenever we stayed at her house overnight.

The mess we used to make while baking… that hasn’t changed, but I do feel kind of bad looking back on it. The times we spent with my grandma at her huge two story house are some of my favorite memories at a kid!

This is A Picture from the Past.

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