A Picture form the Past – Vol. 5

It was April 21st, 1994 at 9:04am. I came into this world screaming and not wanting to be held by anyone, my mom is sure to bring this up at least once a month. I was my parents 2nd child, my sister being born on September 14th, 1992. They had been married for about 4 years before I made my grand entrance. This was this one of my very first pictures since being born and everything about it is so amazing! My parents smiling as they held their brand new baby girl, pressing their heads together while my dad wrapped his arm around my mom. Big glasses on both of their faces predicted that I most certainly would need some sort of corrective lens at some point in my life. Hospital bands that my mom still has in our baby boxes along with the blankets that kept us warm at the hospital.

April 21st is one of my favorite days of the year and most definitely because it’s my birthday! I LOVE my birthday! There is something about this day every year and brings me so much joy. Maybe it’s because I think of this picture and can see the amount of happiness and sleepless nights I brought my parents maybe it’s because I can celebrate another year of life. I’m not entirely sure but I just love my birthday!

I’ve always been somewhat of an independent person. Growing up I didn’t want to be held very much and it broke my mom’s heart… sorry mom! All she wanted to do was hold her baby and I wanted none of it while my sister could have been picked up and held all day. I’m hoping that my parents won’t get upset by posting this but how could I not share the day I was born? If it make them feel better, I wasn’t looking the best in this photo with my chubby double chin and grumpy face. But regardless it’s us, my mom, dad and I all together on the very day I came into this world!

This is A Picture from the Past!

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