A Picture from the Past – Vol. 7

This. This photograph is one of the may reasons why printing your pictures is so important. It has survived floods, moving boxes, display cases, and storage bins. This photograph was taken in 1963 and is currently 56 years old. I came across it in the attic of my dad’s garage in one of the bins labeled “photos”. This gold frame laid in a bin of a bunch of other photographs but this was the only one wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. The protective case drew my interest and I had to see what was inside.

As I carefully unwrapped the bubbles this priceless gem was unveiled. It was my grandma’s wedding photo taken moments after they said I do and walked down the aisle. It instantly brought me to tears. What I would have given to see these two in their glory. I starred at this photo for a while and took every inch of it in. The one thing that stood out to me the most was my grandma’s hands. One grasped her bouquet while the other wrapped tightly around her husbands arm. Her long delicate fingers are exactly the same but with a bit more character.

That handsome looking man on the right, that’s my grandpaman! Chivalry is ever apparent as he extended his arm for his new wife to grasp as the walked back down the aisle. What I would give to know this man. It’s been 24 years without him on this Earth, he passed when I was about 6 months old. I know one thing he generously passed on to us was his love of sweets! My mom has told us then when she came to pick us up we would have M&M’s stuck to our diapers because they had melted before we could eat them. He would spoil us for sure!

I’m pondering getting a new frame for this photograph because of the broken glass protecting it. But it adds so much character so maybe just a new piece of glass will do. It’s interesting when I look at the differences and similarities of my grandma’s wedding photo compared to my mom’s. They both had long sleeves a some lace on their neckline so I’m thinking this may be a must for my wedding someday!

This is A Picture from the Past!

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