A Picture from the Past – Vol. 8

You know that favorite outfit you have? The one when you put it on makes you feel like a million bucks? For me, this was my million dollar outfit. Since I was little my favorite color was pink, which I never outgrew and I had an obsession with Disney princesses, Ariel was my favorite (and still is)! One year for my birthday, I received a light pink leather jacket with a matching skirt and hat. The hat was embroidered with some Disney princesses and the jacket and skirt had pretty pink flower accents. If you can’t tell by the look on my face I was quite in love with my new fancy outfit!

If I remember correctly, I spent this birthday at the beach with my family at my uncle’s condo. Bethany Beach is where we took a trip every year or so. More often than not my sister and I were in matching bathing suits building sandcastles for all the little crawfish we caught!

I’d be rocking this outfit all day, everyday, if it still fit and if we didn’t end up giving it away. Pretty sure my parents had to bribe me with cookies to take it off and wear something different because it probably needed a wash! I remember one year on my birthday the UPS truck, “Big brown truck” as I used to call it, pulled into our driveway. Out stepped a man carrying a brown box addressed to Nicole Weeks and placed it in my hands with a smile! I opened it only to find the most beautiful Barbie in the whole world. This just so happens to be the exact moment when my love for snail mail began!

This is a picture from the past!

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