The NWP Wedding Experience

The NWP Wedding Experience

How often do you go to a store based on the experience you get even if it costs a little bit more or it takes you an extra ten minutes to drive there? What about the story behind the business and why you believe in their product or service? There’s a reason why we use specific products or services and when it comes down to it the experience we receive has a lot to do with our decision.

Before booking a photographer, or any wedding vendor for that matter, you should get to know what their experience looks like. Finding out what is expected of you, how they are going to serve you, and everything that you will be getting out of hiring them is some good information to get ahead of time.

When you book me as your wedding photographer here’s a brief overview of what you can expect!

  • After our initial consultation, either over the phone or in person, you’ll be able to book me within minutes by signing a contract and paying a 35% deposit online. The contact and payment information will be kept in your personal online portal for you to reference at any time.
  • Then you’ll receive a digital magazine that outlines all the information you need to know. This will have timeline suggestions, vendor recommendations, a list of dates to keep an eye out for email from me and a bunch more!
  • About 3 and 6 months before your wedding day I’ll check in to see how everything is going! Nothing is required of you at this point but I just want to offer some help if at all needed.
  • 2 months before the big day you’ll be asked to fill out an online questionnaire of information regarding locations, timing, special photo requests, group shots, etc. This way I’ll have all of the information ahead of time and can the build out a timeline for you. You should probably keep an eye on your mailbox around this time too!
  • 2-3 weeks before your wedding we’ll finalize your timeline and make any changes if necessary!
  • It’s WEDDING DAY! My second photographer and I will be photographing your day as if unfolds and be there to keep you calm, fix any hair that’s out of place and assist you and your fianc√© with anything you need.
  • A few days after your wedding I’ll be posting a sneak peek on social media for you and your new spouse to hold onto while I process the rest of the images.
  • Then about a week or two after your wedding I’ll post a blog on my website with some of my favorite photos from your big day!
  • Now it’s time for one of my most favorite parts! Your reveal/design session! This is where we get together, either in person or virtually, so I can show you your wedding images, how they look in a predesigned album and hanging in luxury frames on your walls!
  • Within 12 weeks after your wedding all of your heirloom items will be delivered to your door!

Then our contract comes to a close but don’t worry, we can still be friends! I’m always up for tea and cookie dates to catch up with my couples!


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