5 unique money saving tips for your wedding

5 Unique Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

There are so many ways to save money for your wedding that you may not have thought of. Coupons for diy projects, cash back for online purchases, donations instead of favors, and repurposing decor.

  1. Download Ebates! Ebates is all about giving you cash back on purchases you make every day. If you have the Safari web browser there is a tab you can install and it will notify you if you are able to earn cash back when you make a purchase on the site you are currently on. They also have a feature to link credit or debit cards to save when you make purchases in store! All you have to do is click on the activate button that pops up and you’ll instantly earn cash back on qualifying purchases. You can also earn cash back when booking your hotel accommodations as well as flights for your honeymoon! Check out Ebates here!
  2. Frequently visit sites like Facebook Marketplace, Wish, and Craigslist for used wedding decorations. There is nothing wrong with reusing decorations that other brides used for their special day. You can find all sorts of beautiful decorations or items you can repurpose to make unique center pieces. There are endless ideas and products people are selling for much less than what you would pay brand new.
  3. Cut coupons like a Queen! For all of the DIY projects that you may want to tackle you can usually find 40% off coupons, or more, for craft stores such as Michaels, AC Moore, and Joann Fabrics. You can typically only use one at a time but if you get your bridal party together to go get supplies and give each person a coupon you’ll be saving a chunk of change! Bonus tip: You can use any coupon from Michaels, AC Moore, and Joann Fabrics at any of these stores.
  4. Keep an eye on Groupon deals! This is a good idea especially for destination weddings. You can put in a location and it will pop up with tons of deals from restaurants to getaways to things to do and more. There’s a section on there that has coupons as well so double bonus there! Plus if you install Ebates they offer 6% cash back on your purchase so it’s even more savings! Check out Groupon here.
  5. Ask for help from some talented friends. Some people are naturally gifted in calligraphy, sewing, singing, and a slew of other talents that may come in handy on your wedding day. Get some talents friends together to make signs, put your favors together, or whatever other neat things you are planning!

I hope these few suggestions are able to help you save some cash while planning your wedding!

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