5 Tips for Traveling Cheap

5 tips for traveling cheap

Traveling is so good for the soul but it can be quite expensive if you don’t plan it out properly. Here are 5 tips for traveling cheap!

Skyscanner – If you never heard of Skyscanner you should check it out right now. Basically how it works is you select an airport to fly out of then select a destination (if you know where you want to go) and it will give you the cheapest flights in the area. The awesome thing about this site is you can leave the destination blank and it will come up with a bunch of places across the world and prices. You can select specific dates or a specific month and see what all of the cheapest prices are.

Kayak – Kayak is how I find almost all of my flights if I have a specific place and time to go. I always select the +/-3 days if my travel is flexible and select dates based on that. This gives you a variety of dates and highlights the cheapest flights.

Airbnb – It took a while for me to discover this but once I did I fell in love! If I’m being honest I love staying in hotels, so trying this out made me a bit nervous. But you can’t beat the price of some of the places and a lot of them are super cute!

Reward Programs – Airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies typically have a rewards program. Most of them are free and you earn points or discounts on your next travel plans. If you fly frequently air miles are awesome to redeem and free nights at hotels are never a bad thing!

Travel buddy – Traveling with someone else will always be cheaper because you can split the cost of a lot of things making it cheaper for everyone involved. Rental car costs can be split in half as well as sleeping arrangements. Plus it’s more fun experience life with someone else!

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