A Picture from the Past – Vol. 13

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 13

White dresses, flower bouquets, puffy sleeves, jewels in our hair and giddy smiles on our faces. Katie, my sister, and I proudly walked down the aisle as flower girls at our uncle’s wedding. I may be bias but I think we make the cutest flower girls ever, just look at those faces!! If I’m totally honest I don’t remember this day even a little. The only memory I have is through photographs such as this one that hangs in a frame along with other photos from our childhood.

Of course this is another event that my sister and I dressed identical to each other but I don’t think we minded on this occasion. Katie is behind me and looks like she is going to burst with joy!! It seems as though she was told to smile with no teeth and could barely keep her excitement inside. Next year I hope to see that same smile on her face as she walks down an aisle again but this time for a completely different reason. She’ll be the one needing flower girls in matching dresses. She’ll be once again wearing a white dress but will be the one standing next to her fianc√© at the alter waiting to be wed.

A small part of me what to get the same dress she’ll be wearing so we can once again match but holding off on that fantasy is probably a good idea on this event! I can picture her day so clearly and couldn’t be happier that she is finally marrying her high school sweetheart! It’s only been 12 years guys… give them a break!

This is a picture from the past.

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