A Picture from the Past – Vol. 14

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 14

All she wanted to do was love me and I was having NONE of it! As a baby I basically crushed my mom’s heart because I didn’t like being held… at all. As a matter of fact I was quite content hanging out in a bouncy chair or rolling around on a blanket on the floor. My sister thought she was getting a fun baby doll as a sister, instead she got someone who didn’t want to be touched… sorry Katie!

I was only about a month old in this photograph and Katie was just under a year and a half. ¬†This clearly depicts the angel child and devil child and I’m not proud to say that I wasn’t the angel. I couldn’t tell you why I was so upset but that face right there is the saddest face ever. If you stare at this photo long enough and constantly look at my sister’s face it basically says “Mom, thanks for giving me a sister but I think she’d broken.” But in reality she’d thinking “Mom! Thank you for giving me a sister. I love her so much even when she cries!”. That’s Katie for you! Fiercely loving other people no matter what, even when they are scream crying.

I would also like to point out that we aren’t matching in this photo which was a rare occasion. Doesn’t it look like she is trying to hold my hand a little but is also slightly terrified to do so? Bless you Katie! Since we’re all out here in public I wanted to apologize to my parents for not wanting to be held. To make up for it, I’ll let you hold me now!

This is a picture from the past.

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