5 places NOT to wear your engagement or wedding ring

5 places NOT to wear your engagement or wedding ring

I know you want to tell the whole world you’re engaged and show off your ring to every passerby on the street! Trust me, I completely understand but there are certain places and things you so when taking your ring off is a good idea.

When using cleaning products. Especially when those cleaning products are chock full of chemicals. The long term effect the chemicals can have on your ring won’t make you very happy. They can erode the color and finish on the diamond and band.

While pumping iron. A lot of brides go into get-fit mode when they set a date for their wedding which means eating better, exercising and lifting weights. All of which are good things but lifting weights with your ring on can really damage it so it’s better to take it off while burning those calories.

At the beach. Warm sand, salt water and sun rays are good signs of a really good time. However, it may not be as good of a time for that pretty ring on your hand. Those little speck of sand can get into the crevices between diamonds or under prongs and aren’t the easiest to get rid of. You also don’t want to loose it in the ocean or somewhere in the sand. Better off placing it in a box for safe keeping while you soak up all the Vitamin D

In the shower. Many people don’t consider taking their ring off in the shower because it’s something we do everyday. But thing of all the products you use while in the shower. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body scrub, face wash, etc. all of those products can seep their way into all the nooks and crannies of your ring and you’ll want to take it off to keep it shiny!

When getting a manicure. I don’t know about you but I feel so much better when my nails are freshly painted and looking good. Your nails get painted, hands massaged and lotion galore keeps them smooth. All that lotion is definitely not your rings best friend. Slip it in a box right before your manicure to keep lotion out of those tiny spaces.

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