A Picture from the Past – Vol. 15

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 15

Oh the first day of school!! When you were little it was exciting but as you kept leveling up in grades it became increasingly less fun and more work. Then you began to look forward to Summer before the school year even started. Once you graduated it was like you were free at last but wait.. don’t forget college! One of my most favorite parts of a new school year was getting new school supplies. Notebooks, pencils, crayons, highlighters, sparkly glue, and colorful folders!

I will never forget the matching pink lunch boxes my sister and I had in our first youthful years of grade school. They looked like princess castles and were a pretty good size if I’m remembering correctly. We always took this photo on the first day of school while we were still young. The four of us, my parents with my sister and I until my brother came along and then we threw him in the mix! I still live in the same house with my parents as I did as a young child and although it has gotten some cosmetic upgrades, the memories will always stay the same!

My dad used to work for Hershey Ice Cream and sometimes he’d take us to the office if he had to run there and take care of something. There was a small cooler filled with samples of new products and my sister and I almost always got to pick something out of that cooler which made our little hearts filled with joy and our taste buds very happy. On rare occasion we even got to sit up in the big Hershey truck but that was rare. I just drove past this building with my dad yesterday and those memories of our quick stops at that place flooded my mind!

This is a picture of the past!

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