My Adventure Bucket List

My Adventure Bucket List

The list of places I want to go explore is endless. I’ve lived in a small country town my whole life and seeing other places always excites me! Here are a few adventures I’d like to go on within the next few years:

  1. National Parks in Arizona and Utah – An ideal vacation to me would be hiking up mountains to see the views that the Earth has to offer. The National Parks out in Utah such as Zion and Moab along with the Grand Canyons and the Marble Canyon in Arizona are very high up on my list!
  2. Iceland – A videographer that I have worked with before took trip to Iceland and the footage that he shot made me want to hop on a plan and explore it right now! I would love to see the Northern Lights there as well but would need to take my mom as that has been a dream of hers for the longest time.
  3. England – One of my best friends is from here and once he brought back some chocolate from over there and oh my goodness was is WAY better than chocolate in the states, although it hasn’t stopped me from eating it in America! London first and then the train to Paris would be ideal so I could experience both in one trip.
  4. Alaska – I have heard so many things about how beautiful Alaska is and I’d love to experience it all for myself, in the warmer months of course.
  5. Maine – Jake talks about Maine all the time and although I have been to Portland a few time for work there wasn’t a ton of exploring happening. I’ve seen pictures of incredible hikes to go on and views to take in!
  6. Scotland – I’ve been to Ireland with my whole family before when I was 18 and we also have a bit of Scottish blood in us so Scotland has definitely made my list.
  7. Australia – I remember saying I wanted to go visit Australia when I was still in grade school. It’s a whole different world there and I really would love to see a kangaroo hopping along with a baby in it’s pouch!
  8. An African Safari – Although it wasn’t in Africa, I did go on a Safari ride in Disney world when I was 11 and it was AMAZING! I know an actual African safari would be wildly different seeing animals in their natural habitat while riding through the fields on a hot day sounds absolutely amazing!
  9. 50 state road trip – A while ago I mentioned this to my friend, Nicole and she also said she would love to do this someday. We’d rent an RV and have our significant others along with any kids we had and take two months to travel all over the gorgeous 50 states.

I’m always looking to add to this list so if you have any suggestions please write them in the comment session below!

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