What I did for my 25th birthday

What I did for my 25th birthday

A quarter century, the big 25, officially half way to 50… whoah. For a while I was having a really tough time trying to figure out how I wanted to celebrate this milestone of a birthday. I could go on a trip, have a big party, have people over and make a bunch of different flavors of cookies, the possibilities were endless. If I’m being truthful it kind of stressed me out thinking about it. I knew my family was heading out to visit my sister for a long weekend because it was my little brother’s Spring break but I wouldn’t be able to make it. To add to the possibilities, my birthday fell on Easter this year so I knew most of my friends would be busy spending the day with their family. I was perplexed and as far as I knew Jake had to work too.

I forgot to mention that everyone close to me was asking me what I wanted to do for the big day. In case you didn’t know I’m the WORST at making decisions, for the most part. Take me to a restaurant and be prepared to watch the painful act of my trying to decide what I’d like to order from the menu. I’ve been trying to just order the very first thing I see that sounds delicious and then close the menu so I’m not tempted to change my order. It’s kind of ridiculous but its the truth! SO as you can imagine when everyone asked what it was that I wanted to I began wishing I was a turtle so I could just retract into my shell.

My parents said they would come back the day before my birthday to spend it with me and Jake would at least have the morning off so we could go to breakfast. I’d celebrate with my best friend Nicole and her family the Friday before relaxing at her house, easting a delicious dinner and playing with her super cute kiddos. Just as we solidified the plans my Grandma decided to fracture her hip, poor thing, which meant back to the drawing board of planning so my mom could stay home and take care of her.

In the end it ended up being the absolute best way to celebrate my 25th. Friday evening I spent with Nicole and her family. We use to do this all the time and we haven’t had a night of relaxing at her house with food and movies in so long, it was perfect! Saturday evening Jake took me out to a Speakeasy in Binghamton for a birthday drink and late night dinner! Then on Sunday morning he brought me to a diner for a scrumptious breakfast, grilled blueberry muffin included. After breakfast we ended up spending the whole day at my house with my family. My mom made a late lunch and assisted my Grandma in making my favorite birthday dessert, a fruit tart with a sugar cookie bottom! Jake and I, along with my little brother, Austin, played badminton, hit some golf balls in our backyard and played volleyball until I pulled a muscle in my back. So we spend the rest of the evening inside munching on food and watching a great movie with everyone. It was seriously the best day! We all relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company on a Spring day that was actually somewhat warm!

Toward the end of the evening I realized that celebrations don’t have to be a big grand event. Spending time with the people you love, relaxing and having a low key day is just as fun as a party with champagne and confetti!



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