Albums for Everyone!

Lately I’ve been hosting a ton of design sessions which I am so stinking excited about! If you’re unfamiliar, a design session is when I hop on a video call with my clients to design their wedding album, select prints for their image box, and create wall art for those bare walls in their homes! Seeing each couple’s face light up when I show them a predesigned album is priceless and then walking them through the customization process is even better!

One of my favorite parts about this is when UPS pulls up (a.k.a. The Big Brown Truck) and hands me a box containing a wedding album. I clear off my desk take out the beautiful book and go through each page seeing the story of a wedding being told through images. Knowing that my clients will have this book for the rest of their lives to show their children and grandchildren makes my heart beam with joy! But there was one small problem. Not all of my couples chose to print their photos. I’m kind of bummed because I know their photos are now living in a computer or on some cloud somewhere to soon be forgotten. What happens if your computer crashes and all those photos just disappear? Sure, it’s awesome to quickly be able to pull up photos on our phones and show them off, but holding a hand crafted linen album with thick pages as you sit at your dining room table with your child on your lap tops that by a million and a half!

Those are the memories that will stick your children and other family members, especially every time they see your wedding album sitting on your coffee table. They’ll come running over to you with it in their hands asking you to go through it with them again. They’ll carry the stories you tell them and the memory of these moments throughout their lives, passing it on to their children, your grandchildren! Picture this for a moment: You’ve just pulled fresh chocolate chip cookies out from oven and the aroma fills the air of your home. You’re 4 year old comes running over to you from the enticing smell filling their nose. After sharing a warm cookie and a glass of milk, they take you by the hand and ask you about the beige linen album that sits on your coffee table. “Can we look through it again Mommy?” They’ll say with excitement. You both get cozy on the couch under a blanket and begin flipping the thick pages filled with photographs from the day you married your best friend. Their tiny fingers point to the pictures asking who each person is and calling out “Mommy! That’s you!” and “Look! There’s Daddy!” with more excitement each time they see a new photograph. You tell them stories based off of the photos that you recall from your own memory while you smile down at your baby full of love.

Imagine sharing moments like this with your children and future grandchildren. Picture having your friends over for dinner or a game night showing them a hand crafted album filled with your wedding photographs. They’ll have stories of their own to share and will reminisce with you about what a blast they had that day. I want this for all of my clients! So, with all of this in mind, I decided to include a wedding album with every single collection I offer! From here on out, every couple that chooses Nicole Weeks Photography to photograph their wedding will also receive a handcrafted wedding album that they get to customize and upgrade until their heart is content! Excited doesn’t even justify how I feel about this and I hope the feeling is mutual! So long to the digital photographs that get lost in cyber space and HELLO to printed photographs that will last a lifetime! Don’t worry, there will still be a digital gallery to share with family and friends but now you’ll have a book of memories that will last a lifetime!

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