Mikaela & Conor – Cornell Botanic Garden Engagement

He was on the track team of a small town school they both attended. She admired him and drove a long way to see him compete at an out of town meet. This was just the beginning. The beginning of a long relationship that would lead them to marriage! A relationship that would last through all the distance that was put between them. All of their schooling and accomplishments. All of the family gatherings and years of rooting for each other. This was a love that was going to last!

I actually had the pleasure of going to high school with these two almost a decade ago! Conor and I grew to be friends throughout the years and I knew Mikaela from our friend groups intertwining. When you go to a small school everyone knows everyone! It wasn’t until shortly before Conor and I graduated that him and Mikaela started dating. I remember them going to prom together and being inseparable ever since!

Although it’s been about eight years since I’ve seen either one of them, watching them through social media has been amazing! These two have accomplished so much since high school and are on track to be one of the most powerful couples I have met!

They spent most of their relationship long distance but these two made it work! You can feel the love between them when they’re together. During their engagement session at the Cornell Botanic Gardens, we took a few minutes for a wardrobe change. During this time I heard Conor say “Let me know if you need anything Mikaela, I’m right here.”. They were less than 5 feet apart but that sentence holds so much meaning and love. He was there for her, for whatever she needed and has been since high school.

Mikaela’s sister accompanied them for their engagement session and she was the BEST! This girl pulled signs out of the ground and replaced them after I got the shot! Katelin held my reflector, carried all the things, and was ready with chapstick whenever Mikaela needed some! What a fun experience she got to share with her sister and her soon to be brother-in-law!

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Mikaela and Conor! They’re going to take over the medical field and and change the world! Congratulations you two!!

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