Altamont Engagement – Alyssa & Brandon

Altamont, NY happens to be the home to Alyssa’s Horse, Able. So it was perfect to have their engagement session at this stunning horse farm! Before their session, Brandon and Alyssa made a deal. If Able gets to be in some photos than Brandon’s Harley Davidson gets to be in some too. Plus they have two dogs and we had to include the whole family!¬†Raven and Gunner, Alyssa and Brandon’s dogs, were the stars of the show! They weaved in and out of the photos and photobombed until their hearts were content. It was hilarious! They also nailed their family photos and looked right at me when prompted to, it was amazing!

When we first started, Alyssa led us down a path out to a field as the sun was setting. It was a huge open field with a stunning view of the mountains. It truly was magical and the perfect spot to start their portraits! The pups ran wild in the field living their best lives. Alyssa and Brandon are so cute together and I love that they made a compromise to both include things they loved in their session!

Alyssa pointed out a patch of sunflowers which are her favorite and they’re main wedding flower! So of course we had to get a few photos by some sunflowers. Able loved them just as much as Alyssa because he kept trying to eat they while we were taking photos, it was so funny! Although Able could have cared less about the camera he was such a good sport. Once all of the animal photos had been accomplished it was time for Brandon’s Harley!

I’m almost positive that Brandon loves his motorcycle just as much as Alyssa loves her horse. He had been riding four wheelers and dirt bikes since he was a kid and his bike is his baby! He’s put a lot of work into it and you could tell that riding was a passion of his. These two aren’t getting married until 2022 so we have to wait a while before they say I do but I can already tell it’s going to be an amazing day!

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