Empire Plaza Engagement – Robyn & Mike

Empire Plaza might just be one of my favorite places to photograph gorgeous couples! It’s the perfect mix of nature and stunning architecture. Then you put a super in love couple in front of the lens and magic happens! Not only did Robyn and Mike crush their engagement photos but they brought their puppy as well! Okay, Dakota isn’t a puppy, he’s a few years old but he was such a champ!

When I arrived I was greeted by Robyn’s parents! They came to take care of Dakota for the moments when he needed to take a bit of a break from being the star of the show. Before we began, Sandy, Robyn’s sweet mother, handed me a box of homemade cookies! If that isn’t the best way to start an engagement shoot, I’m not sure what is! They were almond joy cookies and they were DELICIOUS!

Robyn, Mike, and I found sound beautiful spots with the gorgeous golden hour sun shining bright! It was so pretty that we had a squirrel photo bomb our photo shoot and he took his sweet time moving along. We also ran into a wedding which had these two even more excited for their wedding next year! September of 2021 can’t come soon enough!

As the sun set even more, the lights of the capital building illuminated. It was so beautiful! Robyn was all about how pretty it was so we took a little bit of time toward the end of the session to get those sparkling lights in the background! Downtown Albany and its infinite architectural beauty was still no match at how beautiful Mike and Robyn’s love for each other is!


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