The Benefits of an Engagement Session

Should we do an engagement session? That’s the million dollar question shortly after getting engaged! Okay, maybe it’s not the million dollar question but it will definitely come up sooner rather than later. More often than not your fiancé probably won’t want to do engagement pictures. Why? Because it’s more pictures and some people just aren’t into the idea because they feel it’s uncomfortable. Many people say they aren’t “picture people” or are awkward in front of the camera. That’s all more reason to do engagement photos! Let me give you a few reasons why booking an engagement session is essential!!

  1. Practice run for your wedding day – This might be the biggest reason I suggest having an engagement session. I cannot tell you how many couples have told me during their wedding day how grateful they were for booking an engagement session. You’ll be going into your wedding day already knowing what to expect when it comes to photography. You and your photographer will have developed a relationship in person so you’ll already be comfortable in front of the camera. You want to enjoy every second of your wedding day! By doing an engagement session you’ll have had a bit of practice when it comes to the portrait portion of pictures. Portraits on your wedding day will also go a bit quicker because you’ll already know a lot of what I’m going to tell you to do. Practice makes perfect, right?!
  2. Save the Date Cards – Let me be the first to tell you that cell phone photos are great but they don’t always look good on save the dates. Most of the time they’re super grainy or a little pixelated and more often than not the coloring is way off. Engagement photos are the perfect addition to level up your save the date cards!
  3. Guest Sign in Book – I think there is something really special about having your guest’s handwriting surrounding a book filled with photos of you and your fiancé. Using your engagement photos throughout your guest sign in book is a great way to remind you of who attended your wedding and holds gorgeous photos of when you two were still only each other’s fiancés.
  4. Wedding Decor – Displaying your engagement photos at your wedding is the perfect way to personalize your venue! You can have them displayed near your cake or by your card box. I’ve even seen people use their engagement photos in their center pieces at each table.
  5. Celebration – Being engaged is worth celebrating! Engagements are usually less than two years which means you only get to call your significant other your fiancé for less than 730 days. Which may sounds like a while when you break it down by days but really it’s only two years out of a lifetime you’ll spend with each other. So in order to document this occasion, get all dressed up and have some fun photographs taken!

I just want to drive reason one home a bit more. Having an engagement session with the same photographer who is photographing your wedding is essential! Being able to see how you all work together is going to make you feel so much relief when it comes to pictures on your wedding day. The comfort of knowing how your photographer works as well as knowing the quality of images you’ll receive is going to make feel so much more confident!

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    • Kristin B says:

      That was actually really enlightening. It was nice to put the piece sea together about how essential and beneficial the engagement session really could be. Along with some really good wedding ideas!

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