The Best Way to View your Wedding Photos

You’ve just received your wedding gallery containing over 800 images. Now what! How on Earth are you suppose to look through all of them? It’s going to take forever! Well, you’re not wrong about that. It’s probably going to take a few hours to sit down and look at every single photograph from your wedding day. But you paid a photographer to document every moment of this special day and you’re going to want to relive them all! To ease the overwhelm of looking at hundred of pictures, here’s a few ways you can view your gallery.

Keep it Romantic!

There is something super special about sitting down with your husband/wife and reliving your wedding day through photographs! Picture this: You’re cozied up with your spouse on your couch. Your wedding playlist is on in the background and your favorite candle’s sent fills the room. There are freshly baked chocolate chip cookies surrounded by other delicious appetizers on your coffee table. You’re each holding your wedding glasses which are filled with champagne. You open your wedding gallery, connect it to your TV and let the slideshow play! Then you spend the next few hours reliving each moment of your big day together sipping on champagne, having delicious snacks all while sitting next to your favorite person! Sounds like the perfect date night if you ask me!

Or you can share the love with more people and…

Have a Party!

Your family and guests are going to want to see all of your photos too so why not have a viewing party just for that reason! Pick a time for family and your closest friends to come over and look through all of your wedding photos with you. You’ll be surprised by the number of stories everyone will have to share that you were unaware even happened! Photographs trigger memories so get ready to laugh and cry happy tears while everyone becomes a story teller from your wedding day! Once you’ve viewed all of your photos you can email each of them the gallery so they can download their favorite photos and order prints of their favorite photos too!

Or you can have your cake and eat it too! Meaning…

Do Both!

The third option is to do both. Have a night with just you and your spouse reliving your day together. Then a week later have family and friends over for a wedding photo viewing party! This way you get to share the special moments seeing your wedding photos with your significant other first. But you also get to hear all the stories from your guests when they look at them with you!

One thing to avoid doing when looking at your wedding photos for the first time is looking at them alone. You can absolutely do this if you want but why not share the joy and pretty photographs with the people you love?!

Wedding portrait of couple kissing on the steps of the Education Building in Downtown Albany


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