Thacher Park Engagement Session – Amanda & Nick

A stunning couple, Thacher Park and super dreamy light makes for the perfect engagement session! This state park is a super special for these two fiancé’s because it where they got engaged! Amanda and I talked about doing their session around Empire Plaza in downtown Albany. But being out in nature at a beautiful park that is super meaningful to them outweighed the beautiful architecture downtown! The views and endless field never disappoint at Thatcher Park and the weather was absolute perfection!

I remember talking to Amanda over the phone way back in December of last year. We talked about how they met, how Nick proposed on a hike and how we share a love for cookies! I feel like she might be my sister from another mister and a different dad. More simply put, they’re a pretty great couple and I loved getting to know them more throughout their engagement session! Amanda and Nick met in Oswego College and have been by each other side ever since!

Although Nick isn’t a huge picture guy, you would never know that by looking through these photos. These two totally crushed their engagement session! They spun around in a field, got all their steps in and popped champagne to celebrate their love! These two definitely stirred up a bit of pollen but we made it through, allergies and all! I may have made them run through dandelions but the photos that were a result of that are beyond worth it! We fought off some massive gusts of wind but who doesn’t love wind blown hair?! To finish their engagement session, we found a beautiful spot just as the sun was setting. They pulled out a blanket, a bottle of champagne, and two glasses. This was the best way to end an engagement session and now I feel like every couple needs to do this!

In less than a year these two are tying the knot at one of my favorite venues, Franklin Plaza in Troy, New York! Their day cannot come soon enough! I can’t wait!! Cheers to the last 365 days of being fiancé’s before husband and wife!

  1. Jennifer Ferrara says:

    Nick and Amanda‘s love for each other has definitely been captured in these photos. Each picture is beautiful!

  2. Carol Stage says:

    Amanda and Nick fill me with such pride. Nichole did an amazing job, the photos express their happiness, which is beautiful. I’m looking forward to the wedding day and the photos! Love you, Mom

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