Cooperstown Engagement – Cailyn & Will

I love it when a couple who lives in New York City decides to have their wedding in Upstate New York! There must be something so refreshing about spending a little time out of the city. Which is exactly what Cailyn and Will are doing in October of 2021!

Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown, NY is where they chose to have their engagement photos done. This is super special because it’s also where they will be getting married in just a few short months! When Cailyn and Will booked this venue it was covered in snow!! This was the very first time they have seen the park without any snow on it. I think they were really happy with their venue decision!

We began at 8am when the park was quiet! There was hardly anyone around which meant we could go pretty much anywhere we wanted! The rising sun and tall grassy fields was exactly what were looking for and Glimmerglass did not disappoint! They brought along their two pups for a few family photos. Will got creative and a few times surprise attacked Cailyn throughout their session which made for the best photos! I also told them both before we started that I wanted to try out a few things and they were all in! I may have mentioned that they might feel weird doing it but it was perfect because we all shared so many laughs throughout their who session!

They were so much fun to work with and were totally up for anything! We definitely got our steps in as well as we paraded around the park. There are so many beautiful spots and we wanted to capture as much of it as possible! The covered bridge was a must on their list as well as one of the beautiful buildings up at Hyde Hall and of course, the lake. We even found a shaded sandy spot by the water for a little champagne toast to wrap up our time together. It was perfect! Only a few more months before we get to do this all over again when these two become husband and wife!



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