Inn at Taughannock Wedding – Sam & Allison

I will never forget speaking to Allison over the phone for the very first time before she officially booked me as her wedding photographer. All she kept saying is how badly she wanted waterfall pictures for her wedding! She picked the perfect location/venue to make her dream come true, The Inn at Taughannock!

About a week before her wedding we hopped on the phone to review all the little details that would make up her and Sam’s day. With a lot of rain in the radar she was a little bit stressed out. Every day for the week leading up to her wedding I prayed so hard that the rain will hold off long enough for us to get all the pictures on her must-have list. And it must’ve worked because somehow we were able to manage everything including the waterfall photos that she had dreamed about and more!

When I got there, I was greeted by Allison and her team of Alexis Ayers from Maie I Bridal and the super talented make up artist Anastacia Mosher. Plus all of her beautiful bridesmaids of course! I took all of her details and started photographing them in the bathroom of all places! The light was dreamy in there and it was a perfect spot to capture all of the details! Nicole, my second shooter, headed over across the street to where Sam and all the guys were getting ready. They were super chill and relaxed enough to play a few rounds of pool!

There were so many places for us to be able to do the first look! The Inn at Taughannock is absolutely stunning! They recently underwent a huge renovation and it shows. Everywhere you turn is another beautiful scene to take in. Sam and Allison shared the most perfect first look! All Sam could do is stare at his beautiful soon to be wife and walk around her in order to take in the site that she was! His one and only, beautiful bride!

They couldn’t help but smile at each other with big toothy grins! Which depicted exactly how excited and happy they were to be getting married on this beautiful day. With a slight chance of rain in the forecast we started off with just a couple portraits of the two of them. Then bridal party came down to join us! I’m kind of obsessed with her color scheme, light gray and a beautiful light sage green. It was a perfect summer wedding color combination and everything went together perfectly! 

We had some extra time before we needed to do family photos before the rain came. So we drove up to the overlook at the raging falls at Tunkhannock! It turns out this is a very popular spot. especially for anyone getting married in the Ithaca area. We encountered two other weddings but were able to squeeze in for about 10 minutes of dreamy portraits. If I was able to express in words how absolutely thrilled and excited I was that we were able to accomplish Alison’s dream of waterfall pictures on her wedding day you would truly be able to understand my emotions. I’m not gonna lie guys, I think I almost cried at the fact that we were actually able to make this happen!

Just as we were about to get started with family portraits, a dark storm cloud was rolling in. I checked my handy weather radar app, Dark Sky, and saw that we had only a few minutes before heavy rain was about to come down on everything. Four minute to be exact. YIKES! Allison really wanted a beautiful family portraits outside with a gorgeous scene behind them. So we stepped out from under the tent and flew through all the family portrait she wanted! Just has we finished the rain came pouring down from the sky. The timing of this day it could not have been more perfect!

Although saying “I do” in front of the beautiful waterfalls of Taughannock State Park was also a dream of Allison’s, the rain prevented that from happening. So instead they had a perfect short and sweet ceremony under a gorgeous tent that overlooks part of the lake. 

Right after the ceremony we were also able to sneak out for a couple more just married photos of Alison and Sam together. It may have been raining a little bit but we had super cute umbrella’s to shield them from the rain! These two really wanted to be a part of their cocktail hour and enjoy their guest for as much time as possible. So rather than waiting until the reception started to get introduced they walked in and were greeted by all the guests in the middle of cocktail hour! They were able to mingle and visit with all of their guests and got to spend a little extra time with everyone! 

There was one more photo request on their list of must have pictures for the day. A photo by the entrance gate to the beautiful Inn at Tunkhannock. So right after they finished their salads, we hopped in the car drove down close to the gate. We ended up stopping to get a few pictures but they’re sweet dog, Penny, who they brought all the way up from New Jersey! Sweet Penny was the perfect model and was so well behaved! She even was fashionably dressed in a pearl collar! It was obvious that Penny was a huge part of their lives. Which meant these pictures of the three of them together were extra special!

As we were walking down to the gate, Sam and Allison said that hiring me was one of the best decisions they made throughout their entire wedding planning process! Talk about a heartfelt moment! This was another part of the day that I almost cried with pure joy! It’s pretty special when a couple tells you they are so happy that they hired you before even seen any of their wedding pictures. Although, I may have shown them a sneak peek or two because I was just too excited to keep it all to myself!

Rather than cutting a cake, Allison and Sam opted for donuts with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles! Which I feel like is the perfect representation of their love for each other! Joyous, adventurous and super fun! We had just enough time to stay for some dancing photos with an amazing band called the Silver Arrow Band! You guys, this band is incredible! There’s something about having a live band at your wedding that brings a totally different type of energy to the reception! The whole time we were there for the party, Allison and Sam rarely separated. They danced like two high school kids at prom and we’re emitting every ounce of joy that they felt! Nicole and I smiled the entire time just watching the two of them enjoy their first married hours together!

After their wedding ended, I felt like I couldn’t get home fast enough to look through all of the images! So enough of me talking about this delightful day, here are some of my favorite images from Allison and Sam‘s wedding!

Hair – Maie I Bridal by Alexis Ayers
Makeup – Anastacia Mosher 
Dress – Eddy K Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses – Jenny Yoo
Venue –Inn at Taughannock
Band – Silver Arrow Band
Florist – Arnold’s Flower Shop

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    Beautiful photos of Allison and Sam’s wedding!!!

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