The Orchard at Chenango Commons – Chris & Matt

Way back in 2018 is when I got the chance to meet Chris and Matt for the very first time! I will never forget that meeting because the way they looked at each other and how they spoke about their love was super special. They were planning on a gorgeous wedding at The Orchard at Chenango Commons in August 2020. Well, as we all know Covid took over the year and they had to push their date for August 2021.

I was heartbroken for them when they told me that they were postponing their date because of Covid. But I knew that having everyone in attendance while they shared their handwritten vows with each other it was extremely important to them. Because each one of their guests played a role in their relationship. It turned out to be an absolute perfect day for their wedding! Although, I do feel that even if it was pouring down rain these two probably still would’ve had the best day ever!

Chris and Matt have a very special love story. They’re actually high school sweethearts that drifted apart, went their separate ways and then came back together later in life. If you don’t know them, I wish you were able to see the way they interact with each other. It’s like they’re back in high school and their love is like that of two teenagers who are forever in honeymoon phase! It was very obvious they act that way around each other 100% of the time. It was a very emotional and joyous day and that was felt by everyone who is in the presence!

Every single detail that they planned out together had meaning and purpose. Chris’s mom made a special charm for her to put on her bouquet. One of the charms was a locket and Matt was given the key! Their kids and siblings stood up next to them as they said their vows on the beautiful grounds at The Orchard. They also had a family member, Chris’s brother-in-law, marry them!

Doing a first look wasn’t an option for them as they wanted that special moment to happen in front of their guests as a part of their ceremony. Chris still wanted a photo of the two of them together before they were married holding hands without seeing each other. We made it happen right before the ceremony just after Chris shared a first look with her son!

Chris and Matt took a lot of time and selected each piece of music that was played throughout their ceremony. Music was  super important to them and each song had a deep meaning and some were even surprises!

The love and excitement that was felt even from all of their guests was extraordinary! Every single person in attendance was so excited that these two incredibly sweet human beings found their way back to each other after years and years of being apart. It’s one of those things it’s hard to describe, you just need to experience/witness it yourself. It’s obvious that these two are soulmates and we’re meant to be together for the rest of their lives!

Being able to photograph the love they share and all the special moments throughout the day was one of the biggest honors! Their love is infectious and they are two of the most kind people you will meet! There were definitely a few times I teared up myself throughout the day from pure joy. I’m so thankful Chris and Matt finally got to say I do! Especially since their love story started about 30 years ago!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cowen!!

Venue – The Orchard at Chenango Commons
Hair – Alana Grode
Makeup – Marissa Howe
Dress – La Bella Rae
Flowers – Country Florist
Music – Barb Fox’s DJ Entertainment
Cake – Sugar Maple Cafe
Catering – Red & White

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