The Sablewood Engagement Session – Meagan & Greg

They met at a Mexican restaurant both wearing white… a disaster waiting to happen! Meagan hesitantly turn down a margarita, not sure who does that at a Mexican restaurant! But regardless of their white shirts and no margaritas something went right. “She’s the one.” Those are the words that Greg said when he called his best friend after his first date with Meagan. A few years later and here they are getting their engagement photos done. September of 2021, they’re tying the knot!

In 2020 they went on an adventure at Glacier Park in Montana. These two are big outdoorsy people, just like me, and love going on brewery tours together! On the top of Glacier Mountain, Greg got down on one knee and asked Meagan to spend the rest of her life with him. That’s a proposal after my own heart!! Who doesn’t love diamond rings, mountain scenes, and beer!?

We met in the parking lot of a gorgeous venue in Schoharie called The Sablewood. Anyone who is looking for an elegant barn venue with a breathtaking view, look no further! The Sablewood is stunning and Lisa, the owner, is just a doll! From the moment they stepped out of the car, I knew this session was going to be one for the books! Meagan hopped out of the car it was so much enthusiasm it made me even more excited to start taking their pictures right away. Before we even began, Meagan was so excited to give me something that she just couldn’t wait. Moments after our “hellos” she handed me a box of Fat and Weird cookies! We had talked about this cookie company during her consultation phone call many months ago! It was the sweetest thing ever! I’m not gonna lie I definitely had one of them for breakfast the next day but that’s OK… right?

Not only are the barns jaw dropping the views from the hills behind them are to die for! Fields upon fields of pure beauty were the perfect spot for engagement photos! Shout out to Lisa for allowing Meagan, Greg and I to come to The Sablewood and use her property. It was perfection!

September is a pretty big month for this engaged couple! In September of 2020, they got engaged. In September of 2021, they had their engagement photos taken. In September of 2022, they’ll be married! I absolutely loved working with these two! They are complete goofballs and it’s very clear that they were meant to be together! There were very few moments where these two weren’t laughing with each other. Their joy made me laugh right along with them! Cannot wait for their wedding in 2022!!

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