The Appel Inn Wedding – Altamont, NY – Robyn & Mike

It was around this time last year that I got to meet Robyn and Mike for the very first time! Actually, I ended up running into Robyn’s parents first while waiting for them to arrive. Her sweet mom, Sandy, was sitting with her husband with a box of cookies in hand! I could not have asked for a better way to start off an engagement session! I remember Robyn and Sandy telling me how impressed they were that I actually got Mike to smile for their engagement photos. Apparently Mike is not the best at smiling for pictures but I think we were able to make some magic happen!

Leading up to their wedding day, they were faced with some challenges and hardships which made Robyn consider postponing her wedding. I’m so glad that her family pushed her to move forward with their original date! They had the most perfect day I could’ve imagined for them! A the details and moments that happened throughout their wedding day had me tear up multiple times. Sunflowers were chosen to represent a very good friend who they lost within the last few years. A beautiful pillow handmade from her mothers wedding gown and sentimental handkerchiefs were carried as they got married. The pearl necklace was a gift from her mom and her bridesmaids. Ever since Robyn was little, her mom added a pearl every year to this necklace for her to wear on her big day!

Right before the ceremony, Laura, Robyn’s Maid of Honor and best friend, pulled me aside and told me they had a gift they would like to give to Robyn. We had all the bridesmaids and Sandy gather together and the coolest She Shed at The Appel Inn. A photo book was the gift! Filled with photographs of Robyn with all of her friends throughout the years. All of her bridesmaids even roll her a letter which they photographed and also included in the book. This is probably one of the most special gifts a bride could receive! I’m not gonna lie I definitely teared up as she was looking through each page of this book of memories that some of her favorite people put together for her. Laura even included some photos from their engagement session! If any bridesmaids or Maid of Honors out there are looking for a special gift for a bride on her wedding day, a photo book is something that she’ll hold onto and cherish forever.

Mike has made it known that taking pictures it’s not really his favorite thing to do, but I give him all the props in the world because he handled it like a champ! He put up with all of my requests and even smiled throughout the process! He was even kind enough to tell me that the plant that I was touching might be poisonous and that I probably should remove my hands from it. Thankfully there was no allergic reaction. But, it definitely makes me think that I should probably read up on some plants and maybe take an extra precaution when climbing into a bunch of weeds.

The friend group that Robyn and Mike have are so much fun! It was very clear that they all had a blast. Robyn’s bridesmaids, along with some of her family, put together a flash mob during the reception to one of Robyn and Laura’s favorite songs while they were a kid… Dancing Queen by ABBA! Little did they know that this song also has a significance in my own family as are big Abba and Mamma Mia fans. So when I heard that this song was the one they chose, I was ecstatic! I am pretty sure my cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling so big throughout their entire wedding day!

I could not be more thrilled for these two to finally call each other husband and wife. Congratulations to Robyn and Mike Terracciano!!

Hair – Blush Salon
Makeup – Heart and Soul House of Beauty 
Dress –Bride & Gowns in Saratoga
Bridesmaids Dresses –Birdy Grey
Venue – Appel Inn
Music –Maddalone Entertainment Inc
Catering –  Elegant Touch with Kimberly Lauria
Cake – J. & S. Watkins Desserts
Video – Lovecraft Entertainment
Florist – Bella Fleur

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