Indian Ladder Farms Engagement – Altamont, NY – Francesca & Ian

As the saying goes, third time’s a charm! Francesca and Ian’s engagement session was rescheduled not once or twice but three times. But throughout the three different dates we had on the calendar the excitement only grew stronger for their engagement session! So now that I’m no longer sick, the bad burn on Francesca’s forehead has disappeared, and the weather has cooperated enough for dreamy engagement pictures we were good to go!

From the moment I spoke to them over the phone I was very excited to meet them in person! These two are probably the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. They were so excited for their engagement pictures and so was their sweet puppy, Luna. I’m not sure that puppy is actually the correct term for this cute dog because she had a lot of energy, was quite strong and just wanted to smell all the things! However she did cooperate long enough to get some wicked cute photos. I really don’t think there’s any other dog out there that’s more excited for their parents to get married than sweet Luna girl!

Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, New York was where Ian and Francesca chose to have their engagement session. I arrived early and walked around just a little bit to find some awesome spots, as I had never been there before. We started in the Orchard across the street for some photos with Luna! Once Francesca’s brother arrived to dog sit Luna for the evening, we ventured back across the street for some other magical spots! Ian mentioned half way through their shoot that he had a secret spot for us to go. You guys, secret spots are my jam especially with perfect light and an epic view! Ian did not disappoint with the location he brought Francesca and I. As a matter fact it was quite perfect!

We finish out their session and ended with fresh cider donuts! Which was the perfect dessert for an apple orchard engagement session! Are these two are so incredibly cute together and their wedding just cannot come soon enough! We’ve got just under a year to go and I already cannot wait. I hope you’re ready for some super cute dog photos, so without further ado here they are!

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